Step 7

Website Management

Website Management is the seventh, final and ongoing step in my Web Design & Development Process. It consists of various continous processes that ensure the website’s sustained optimal performance. This step is essential for any website that growing businesses use to generate leads, sales or any other results.

Growing businesses need websites that help them reach their goals – continuously. That means the website must not break down, slow down, become unusable due to numerous inconsistent changes, or, worst of all, get hacked.

Moreover, a business website must be able to quickly adapt to new company or market requirements. That means the quality of it’s design and code must be maintained and kept scalable.

And, let’s not forget – business websites are usually connected to an array of marketing services, such as advertising accounts, analytics and reporting software and social media accounts. Maintaining this ecosystem demands regular checkups.

My management plans are the way I ensure the website stays consistent in its results and able to expand any time the market demands it.

These plans include numerous monthly tasks, priority tech support and the capacity for minor website edits.

Website management can be further segmented into several components, each comprising a number of sub-tasks, checks, and general maintenance activities.

Website management encompasses:

  • Website hosting
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Functionality and integration updates and maintenance
  • Policy compliance
  • Off-server backups and monitoring
  • Website edits
  • Support and response time

I firmly advise against neglecting website management. Websites left without active management tend to die slowly, providing competitors with a competitive edge. Therefore, every website I construct is enrolled in a management plan, guaranteeing its ability to consistently deliver great results.

Problems inevitably appear in any website’s lifespan. Whether it’s due to new code, changes in third-party services, or even server issues, problems can occur with or without management plans. However, active management significantly reduces the likelihood of such issues arising, and when they do arise, they are promptly and cost-effectively resolved.

This marks the final step in my Web Design & Development Process. The website is now able to excel in any competitive market. It stands ready to seamlessly integrate with marketing campaigns, attract substantial traffic, and consistently achieve high conversion rates.

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