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I'm Oskar, a web designer and WordPress developer with a decade of experience. While based in Prague, Czechia, I travel globally, overseeing remote projects and virtual teams. I engage with diverse industries, providing premium services to businesses aiming for growth.
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Website design

I design and develop websites to support your business goals. My focus is on quality, clear communication, and good project management. Keeping projects organized and on time are my commitments.

Responsive and optimized

My websites are responsive and functional on any device. I optimize them for on-site SEO, performance, and accessibility.

Maintainable and scalable

I develop websites that are simple to manage and grow. This means I can add and edit parts of the website to match your sales and marketing needs with ease.

Centre of marketing

A strong website forms the foundation for all your marketing endeavors. I design websites with your SEO, PPC, and other marketing strategies in mind to optimize your return on investment.

Why should you work with me?

With a decade of experience, I excel not only in design and development, but also in digital marketing and project management. I'm skilled in leading distributed teams and remote work. Always learning and improving, I use principles and methods learned in client projects. My mission is to build successful websites while fostering strong client relationships.



I focus on project and client management. Updates for my projects are communicated, delivered on time, and of high quality.


I am more than a website worker who completes tasks. If you hire me, I will become your web consultant. I will make sure to establish and achieve your project goals

"I had the pleasure of working with Oskar since 2016, when his astute services got me out of a toxic relationship with a digital marketing agency and put me back on my feet. Even though we were both in Prague at that time, our work started and was deployed remotely, which provided us both with a high degree of flexibility. Oskar's greatest avantage is his strategic thinking and clarity of communications - I do believe these two aspects made our work successful even after we both relocated and started a more nomadic lifestyle. We continue working together, we grow together, and I recommend Oskar with trust to all my global clients, particularly those interested in robust, beautiful, and highly functional websites and digital ecosystems. Oskar is a real partner for good and tough times and he always has a solution and a kind word to share. I feel extremely privileged that we met and got to work together, Oskar's work is a vital part of my own and my company's success."

Cristina Muntean

Founder & CEO of VORNICA®

My process for creating a new website

I follow a structured process, breaking projects into clear steps. This allows for better communication, quality of work, and meeting deadlines. This process enables me to:

  • Deliver projects and launch new websites on time
  • Fulfill all deliverables (parts of the project)
  • Maintain simple, organized, and documented communication with clients and any 3rd-party collaborators
  • Keep clients informed about the project’s progress at every stage
  • Get client approval before moving on to the next step, ensuring the project stays on track
  • Improve project management when working with other professionals on my team
  • Deliver a great website.
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Step 1

Research & Planning

In the first step, I conduct research on marketing, SEO, business, and the industry. Then, I create and communicate a clear goal and plan for the website. By the end of this step, the website's structure is defined, including its purpose, targeted keywords, URLs and page hierarchy.
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Step 2

UX - Wireframing and User flow

The next step is about creating a prototype of the website. This helps us discuss the website's structure, content and user flow. I create wireframes for all pages. This allows me to plan the layout, content flow, and conversion points before writing the text or beginning any UI design work. I focus on optimizing the pages for conversions so they can serve their purpose.
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Step 3


I use my research, wireframes and often partner with a copywriter to create text that's good for SEO and sales. The content should attract search traffic and persuade people to buy your products or services. It also has to (more or less) fit into the wireframes. This step results in wireframes filled with content.
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Step 4

UI - User Interface Design

In this step, I transform wireframes into a final design that includes colors, fonts, icons, images, and effects. I make sure to follow your brand's guidelines, capturing your business essence. Once done, I have the precise website design complete with the final content. All that remains is to develop and launch it.
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Step 5

Responsive Development

Building upon the designs from earlier steps, I bring the actual website to life while adhering to best practices. It's made to be responsive, easily maintainable, scalable, and accessible. As this phase wraps up, the website is ready and complete.
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Step 6

Optimization & Launch

I optimize the website for speed and on-site SEO. I make sure it is secure through various measures. I integrate the website with marketing tools, analytics, and any other third-party software. Then, I test it for browser and device compatibility, assess performance, enhance accessibility, and validate on-site SEO, among other best practices. To conclude the project, I move it to a hosting solution and direct your domain to the new site.
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Step 7

Website Management

After completion, ongoing website management becomes essential. Management covers aspects like hosting, DNS management, email servers, caching, backups, uptime monitoring, image optimization, CDN, security, testing and updating third-party functionalities, and addressing any bugs. All these elements are covered in my management plans.
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Take a look are some of my projects, showcasing  clients  and industries I worked with. While my  journey began with Czech companies, I now work remotely, serving clients from around the globe.
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Cristina Muntean

Cristina is a woman entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of VORNICA®, a company on a mission to triple the number of women CEOs in Europe by 2030, and the executive coach, mentor, and thought partner of choice of women CEOs around the world.

The goal of this website was to present Cristina’s services in a structured, clear way for her clients to read and understand.

This project consisted of:

  1. Keywork research, planning, sitemapping, URL redirection plan
  2. Wireframing each page and template
  3. Copywriting in collaboration with the client, who is an author, which is why she wrote her own copy, for which I initially provided UX outlines
  4. UI design of main pages & components in Figma
  5. Responsive development
  6. Optimization & launch
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Valoa is a pricing & service structure consultancy. It’s clients are growing businesses that are need to raise their prices and organize their service structure in a way that will server them better in marketing & sales.

This project was challenging because the company is quite new, and so the service structure & naming conventions had to be set in place during the UX and copywriting steps of the project. The process was, however, very fun and fulfilling.

This was a full-stack project, consisting of:

  1. SEO reserch, website planning
  2. UX – wireframing each page, copy outlining, service structuring
  3. Copywriting, each page incl. assistance with naming specific services and parts of website
  4. UI design of main pages and components in Figma
  5. Responsive development
  6. Optimization & Launch
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Project thumbnail
Project thumbnail

Vornica Academy

Vornica Academy is a learning platform designed for women’s career advancement. The user base consists of women dedicated to career growth who are on the path to becoming CEOs within their companies.

I have designed this website in accordance with the existing brand guidelines. The primary focus was to enhance accessibility to learning materials. The project included a significant amount of custom development and third-party integrations. The website’s functionality includes:
  • Video course
  • Course progression tracking
  • Membership features
  • Content access restrictions based on membership status
  • E-commerce functionality for purchasing courses and memberships.
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Fyzio Beskyd Edu

Fyzio Beskyd Edu is a physiotherapy clinic and educational center located in Czechia. They provide an extensive array of physiotherapy services. On this website, I have developed a learning platform that caters both to physiotherapists and enthusiasts.

This project included many design iterations, user surveys, and later improvements that culminated in a user experience aligned with customer behavior. The end product is a high-converting website that facilitates the sale of event tickets, courses, and webinars. The key functionalities include:

  • Learning platform
  • E-commerce capabilities for ticket sales, courses, and webinar purchases
  • User access and membership features
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Project thumbnail
Project thumbnail

Landscaping Běloušek

Landscaping Běloušek is a Czech company and my very first client, a partnership that began a decade ago. We still collaborate on multiple projects, with this one being the creation of their landscape design company website.

I have designed this website with a strong emphasis on imagery, using the beauty of their garden designs to our advantage. The website underwent several wireframe iterations before reaching its current state, marking the third version. This evolution was necessitated by the client’s exponential growth over the past decade.

The project presented many challenges, with the primary one centered around ensuring that the design stood out distinctively amidst the client’s competitors. The end result is a website that not only attracts qualified leads but also contributes significantly to the company’s growth.

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