Free Guide: Prepare for your New Website

A Guide for Service Business Owners on How to Prepare for Their New Website Projects

This is a 29-page guide for any business owner, executive, or manager who is in a  situation where they want or need a new website. It contains both  strategic and practical tips on how to prepare for your next website project, as well as on how to choose the web professionals who will create it, so that you maximize the chances of it being successful.

You'll learn...

  • to make your new website a growth tool for your business, which will help you meet your goals.
  • to ensure your website project goes smoothly, professionally, and without delays.
  • to understand your position and your options, and from that how to choose the right partner for your project.

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What’s inside

  • Who should read this guide?

    Anyone who wants to embark on a new website project for their business, or for a business that they run or manage. If you’re going to be working with a new website freelancer or agency on a project for your business, you should read this guide.

  • Is this guide relevant to my industry?

    This guide is most relevant for service industries. However, most of the information will still be relevant for, for example, ecommerce websites. It’s just that those come with a plethora of other considerations and different priorities.

  • How can I apply the insights from this guide to my project?

    Everything you need is written inside the guide. But, most importantly, gather all your information about your new website in one place and share it with your web designer or agency when you begin your project. If you do your job on goal setting, planning, and asset gathering correctly, they will know what to do with the information, and your work will be mostly done.

  • Do I need technical knowledge to benefit from this guide?

    Not really. However, if you are going to become a new website owner, you will benefit from acquiring some basic knowledge on websites, domains, hosting, etc.

  • What if I have questions after reading the guide?

    Email me at

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