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Copywriting is the third step in my Web Design & Development Process. It consists of crafting text content that is both search engine optimized and persuasive for website users. This step is paramount because good copy is the most important aspect when it comes to website’s ability to generate leads and sales.

Website content serves two main purposes: it persuades website users to take action (such as filling out lead forms, making calls, or purchasing products) and it attracts search engine traffic through optimization for target keywords.

Furthermore, the website content must be informative and engaging, encouraging readers to read, share, and link back to it. This is especially important for SEO, as the number and quality of backlinks greatly influence a website’s domain authority, making it easier or harder to rank for specific keywords.

Using the research conducted during the project’s first step, I align market and keyword research to produce copy that presents the benefits and features of the client’s products and services in the best way. This copy is tailored to the client’s target audience and market conventions. It is designed to be persuasive, highlighting the benefits buyers will get from their purchase.

When writing copy, I keep it constrained by the wireframes developed in the second (UX) step of the project. Page content is highly contextual – its effectiveness relies on its placement. Website users tend to follow “F” and “Z” reading patterns on websites, which is why I structure the copy for easy scanning on  pages, ensuring quick comprehension.

I use various tools that help me write SEO-optimized, elegant, simple and readable copy. But, at the end of the day, good copy comes down to understanding the product/service and the buyer’s perspective. I often hire copywriters when working on a more complex website project. 

My process for creating optimized page content can be distilled into the following steps:

  1. Creating a list of SEO, content, and messaging requirements for each section of the website’s content, along with defining its alignment with the page’s goals.
  2. Developing a content outline for each section within every wireframe.
  3. Crafting the initial draft of the copy for each page, using tools to optimize it for search engines and readability.
  4. Editing using tools like Grammarly, and also by manual review, ensuring all content elements work harmoniously to encourage conversions.
  5. Maintaining a version history of the content to track changes and revisions.
  6. Reviewing wireframes filled with content to ensure they effectively convey the intended message.
  7. Seeking client approval.

Copywriting involves:

  • Page copy
    • I use my copywriting process to write persuasive, search-optimized copy for each page, filling in the wireframes created in the preceding UX design project step.
  • Support copy
    • I produce instructional and support content that enhances the website’s usability, ensuring it is extremely easy to read and understand.
  • Other content
    • Often, elements like meta descriptions, automated email content, and similar components of the website are overlooked during the initial build and need to be created later. I make it a point to craft copy for every part of the website, even those that may be easily forgotten.

After completing the writing and populating wireframes with persuasive, SEO-friendly, and shareable content, it’s time to transition to the more visually captivating steps of the project.

However, it’s important to mention that the first three steps in the process are the most critical to get right. Unless the website is strategically constructed to achieve specific goals, with content and layout designed to support those goals, aesthetic enhancements and adherence to best development practices won’t yield substantial improvements.

Now, I can embark on the truly exciting work – designing and developing the actual website.

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